JAC's Linked Live Event Marketing Reach?


Our Reach

Not only can we put your business in front of more prospects than any other social media service.​

But you can tailor your content to specific fields of influence and locations across the globe.

Our reach is to over 200 countries

United States Over 130,000,000 business professionals

South America Over 55,000,000 business professionals

Europe Over 95,000,000 business professionals

Africa Over 17,000,000 business professionals

Middle East over 12,000,000 business professionals

Asia Over 66,000,000 business professionals

Current Live Events

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JAC's Linked Live Event Marketing package is $250 monthly.

Includes 2 Events

With a 3 month commitment.

~No set up fees~

Additional Services

Introducing the First ever LinkedIn® only  ~ CRM ~

Connections Management Resource

As great as LinkedIn® is, the main stumbling issue for most people is organizing and utilizing your connections effectively.


JAC has solved that issue. For just $6.95 per month you can mange your LinkedIn® connections in ways you probably have never thought of.


JP Van Dyke