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Blue Skies and Yellow Fields

SEO Gold Standard

While many standard SEO services promise to rank your website on the first page of search engines, JAC goes a step further. Not only do we put your business in that coveted first-page spot, but our Gold Standard service also ensures a vast amount of content reaches potential customers even before they search for you online.

Let us not only get your business to the first page but also actively showcase it to thousands every week.

Search Engine 1st Page

JAC will put your website on the 1st page of over a dozens sites. So that when people look for specific keywords and locations your website shows up.

Website Audit

JAC will conduct an in-depth website audit, identifying and rectifying any issues to ensure the site operates at its optimal efficiency.

Search Engine Placement

JAC will be create & put your business in all the major search engines & quarterly re-purpose your content in those search engines to keep driving your business traffic. All major Engines


Deliver all 1st degree LinkedIn Connections emails and 4000 2nd or 3rd degree targets emails


JAC will create up to 1 Blogs every week and post those blogs into various locations such as LinkedIn newsletters to not only get content Indexed by Google but have that content in front targeted business professionals. Up to 52 Blogs

JAC will create a LinkedIn Group specific to you & your business.

The benefits of a LinkedIn group is you control the content completely. JAC will not only post into the group but actialy invite targeting professionals to join the group.

LinkedIn Events

LinkedIn offers a service to promote a business product or Service with 2 amazing opportunities. A live Webinar style event or a Live Audio event. JAC will set up and coordinate these events quarterly. 1 Live event every quarter up to 5000 people invited per event

Keyword Builder

 Keywords play a crucial role in enhancing a website's visibility and position on search engine results pages. JAC will research and find  keywords & organize keywords by word count, search volume,
searcher intent, keyword difficulty, CPC, competitive density
 & other metrics. Up to 50 Keywords

Business Directory Placement

JAC monthly will list full business details into in 5 or more directories. This adds a massive amount of visibility. Up to 40 Business Directories


Backlinks are a very essential SEO tool for website ranking. JAC will create a position over 100 backlinks to enhance and drive traffic for your business. UP to 50 BackLinks


JAC will monthly consult with business leaders to be sure the campaigns & goals are being met. 60 Minutes Monthly


JAC will create 1 page Memes and post that content on Linkedin, facebook, & Twitter weekly. JAC will also post that content into 10 LinkedIn and facebook groups weekly. Up to 1 Posts per week

JAC will create and manage a Google Business Page

The Google business page is a huge opportunity for business & content visibility. Google puts a large amount of emphasis on Google Business Pages and the amount and quailty of the content will generate not just visibility but actual leads.

SEO Gold Standard $3000 Per Year

If you are looking for a service to not just give your business massive visibility to drive traffic to your website & also receive real leads then JAC has what you need.

Set up a call today & let's chat. 

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