Loading Your Connections and Messages 


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How to download your data from LinkedIn® and load it to your Linked Vision Connections Management Resource

Open LinkedIn Profile

From your LinkedIn® Home page click your Picture {Top Right}...The ​“ME” Section.

Click on ​“Settings & Privacy”

Under the ​“Privacy” ​Tab scroll down to the third section ​

“How LinkedIn Uses your Data”

Click on ​“Getting a Copy of your Data”

Click the circle for“Download larger data archive," including connections, contacts, and your account history.

Click ​“Request Archive”

It will ask for your Password.

The archive data will be available in usually 10 to 15 minutes but it can take longer.

You can refresh the page in 10 to 15 minutes also LinkedIn® will send you an email when your archive is ready.

Once you have the archive. You need to take your "Messages & Connections Folders" from the download folder.


 Login to your Linked Vision CRM and click on Top right ​“Upload”

First Load your ​“Connections” ​to the Connections section.


Then Load your “Messages” ​to the Messages Section. 

You are now ready to start using the CRM


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