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Linked Connection Marketing

~ Generate a Large Volume of Solid Prospects From LinkedIn® ~
~ 10 to 20 Prospects Every Week ~

~ Close More Business ~
~ Use LinkedIn® To Its Full Potential ~


So what's the big deal?

Introducing Linked Connection Marketing. A service that delivers 10 to 20 or more of your exact prospects every single week. 

JAC never uses automation ~ what we do is done with LIVE people.


The biggest benefit that JAC's program offers you is simple! The volume of people your in front of every week who read your message! 

LinkedIn's® average message read rate is 50% to as much as 70%. Messages sent to new connections are read 90% to 95% of the time.

With JAC's Connection Marketing we do the work to put you in front of the the prospects you want!

JAC's will handle all the the work! LinkedIn® allows up to 100 new connections requests per week. JAC will send personalised invites with the add note option.

Our Marketing Includes: 

  • JAC will send personalized invites to 100 new prospects each week for 12 months 


  • You have the option for JAC to promote by Key Words, Location, Title, College & Industry


  • JAC offers a profile optimization service if you want us to help you make sure your profile is doing the best for your visitors.

  • JAC offers to help for you with the best ways for you to follow up with people with messages structure & message content. 


 JAC Consulting Connection Marketing delivers solid prospects you want to be in front of every week!

Our product is offered to you by a firm with the long term vision to transform the way you sell,

advertise, market yourself & or your business with LinkedIn®.

​​Let's Look Under The Hood

Features & Options

~There are over 860 million professionals on LinkedIn®​

~ Linked​ Connection Marketing is the best approach to using LinkedIn®​ to keep your business filled with solid prospects.

Create a tremendous stream of quality prospects!

With JAC's Linked Connection Marketing, your business has the ability to reach as far as you could dream of... getting in front of any type of prospect... anywhere in the world you want.


Since all the promoting takes place within LinkedIn®​ you have the best credibility there is.

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Following The Rules 

There are no automated anything used in our service!!!

 Everything is done by LIVE people.

What clients say about our service

Tracy Davison ~ Business and Leadership Development Coaching

JP is #1 when it comes to building your business using LinkedIn connection tools and under-leveraged strategies on LinkedIn! He is THE expert for lead generation and marketing. With his help, I was able to hit a $500K sales goal for a growing accounting company 2021. The strategies JP provided were a key factor in that company's growth. JP helped me create systems and processes that converted connections to paid clients. Get on a call with JP if you want to grow your business. You'll be glad you did! Here's the link: https://calendly.com/jacconsulting

Stephen Davis ~ Chief Business Officer at DevDigital

To anyone considering JAC Consulting and JP's Linkedin services - JUST DO IT! JAC is turnkey and produces powerful results at a very affordable cost. Honestly, his services are as effective at cultivating new business as SEO. Moreover, JP is a truly standup person who delivers on every promise. I have been a repeat client for more than two years and often recommend JAC's services to friends and business owners.

John White, MBA ~ Helping brands become visible | Founder at SMS | Former Inc. Magazine | Celeb Interviews: Mark Cuban & Marcus Lemonis

JP's LinkedIn connection service has added 10x my company's lead generation. The ability to connect message your target audience throughout the month via LinkedIn is a lead generation tool like I've never seen before. if you want to generate more leads resulting in calls with your prospect, make sure to try JP's connection marketing service!

Robert Richards ~ Divisional Sales Leader at USHEALTH Advisors

JP has been amazing at delivering high quality prospects for my business. The amount of business I have been able to write off his LinkedIn marketing leads is the best money I have ever spent. I would tell you don't walk ...run to JP and JAC Consulting if you want to close more business.

Rick Kloete ~ Executive Search - Recruiter & Talent Acquisition Expert Relationship development

I've had the pleasure of working with JP and his firm in growing my own company and business, and he's not only helped me grow my professional network & contacts, but he's been very gracious in sharing his marketing expertise with me going above and beyond to help me.


He has been very responsive and always available to answer questions when they arise. He's a true partner in my business and I could not recommend JP & his firm more highly. He's worth the investment, and more. He's helped me grow the awareness and exposure of my small business in the marketplace, and truly cares about his clients success!


If you're considering using his firm, do it. You won't regret it.

It's very simple!
We offer you a large number of quality prospects at an unbelievable price! Every Week!


JAC's Linked Connection Marketing


$600 for 12 Months, of weekly connection invites

On average we see 10 to 20 new connections per week

As an added Benefit JAC will provide your company with profile optimization & message funnel & message content advise.

JP Van Dyke