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B2B Virtual Business Trade Show 

Business Networking and Conferencing Event

~For Business Owners & Entrepreneurs ~

~ Generate More Leads ~

~ Close More Business ~

~ Learn from Industry Experts ~

~ Cultivate Relationships & Strategic Partnerships ~

~ Take strategic action to immediately improve & grow your Business ~

So whats the big deal?

The JAC Consulting Virtual Business Trade Show is a business-to-business networking & educational event, trade show & conference for business owners, entrepreneurs, start-ups, decision-makers or anyone who works for business or is interested in starting a Business.

The Virtual Business Trade Show has all elements of Live Trade Shows available to attendees.

The JAC Consulting Virtual Business Trade Show is a "FREE" "ALL YEAR" event with Three 10-Day Live sessions to attend for businesses to network, attend great business-growth webinars, build new business relationships, exchange ideas, shop from new vendors and learn from leading industry experts.


If you are serious about starting or growing your business, the JAC Consulting Virtual Business Trade Show is a "MUST ATTEND" event for you. 

Let's Look Under The Hood

Highlights Include

~ Be a part of the FIRST-EVER National Virtual Business Trade Show!

~ FREE to attend which equates to serious ROI

~ A completely Virtual Experience from the comfort of your home or office

~ Dozens of Virtual Webinars presented by Industry Experts and Business professionals every day

 ~ Business-Critical Keynotes Events from incredible speakers to drive immediate action & business growth in whatever sector of business you are in

~ Live Virtual Networking & Industry Meet-Up Sessions that create new opportunities

~ Connect with Industry-Leading Vendors in the Virtual Exhibitor Hall to get the best deals & discounts for various products & services to help your Business be successful

~ A Fun, High-Energy & Collaborative Environment

~ $25,000 worth of prizes given out during each 10-Day Session

Grow Your Business

Take Your Business to the Next Level

 JAC Consulting's Virtual Business Trade Show helps business owners, start-ups and entrepreneurs like you take grow their business by giving you access to over a 100 professionals in all aspects of business. Some examples:  Social media, Social media marketing, SEO, email, accounting, business management, training, and dozens more.

Sometimes it's just that one small nugget of information that can take you to new levels of business growth. Let JAC Consulting's Virtual Trade Show help you get there!


Check out some of our Industry Expert Speakers

Tom Black


 Tom Black is author of the wildly popular book The Boxcar Millionaire and he exemplifies the essence of the American dream. His rags to riches story will amaze and inspire you. Tom has also partnered with Mark Victor Hansen, author of Chicken Soup for the Soul, to form “Mega Success.” These one-day seminars in major markets feature Mark Victor Hansen, Art Linkletter, Tom, and other entrepreneurs, authors, and personal success trainers. 

JP Van Dyke


JP started on LinkedIn the very 1st month it was launched. JP was invited to join the LinkedIn advisory council 10 years ago. JP's company  JAC Consulting is a 16 Year Company Providing LinkedIn Marketing & Lead Generation. They have worked with 1000's of companies and business professionals to grow and understand how to use LinkedIn more effectively.

Mark Herre

President is a digital marketing firm that helps businesses get what they want.  Zig says, "You can have everything in life you want if you will just help other people get what they want."
We've had the pleasure of being in business since 1996 helping hundreds of small businesses e-commerce and national campaigns such as dentist, plumbers, solar companies and start ups...
We are marketing purest when it comes to the definition of search engine optimization. We understand that the client may have a different definition than the digital marketer of what SEO is all about.

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