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Linked Message is 1000 Inmails per month without the need of an upgraded profile

~ Generate More Leads From Your LinkedIn® Profile ~

~ Close More Business ~

~ Use LinkedIn® To Its Full Potential ~

~ Deliver messages to targeted prospects~

So what's the big deal?

Introducing Linked Message. A service that delivers Inmail messages to a targeted criteria of 

2nd and 3rd level connections from LinkedIn® without having to pay for an upgraded profile.


The biggest benefit that LinkedIn® offers users is simple! Messages. But Inmails are even better! They are prioritized by LinkedIn®, they show up at the top of the message inbox and they show up differently than a normal message. They key here is putting your business in front of 1000 new prospects.

A huge point to make - There are no negative repercussions from LinkedIn® with regards to Inmail messages. 

LinkedIn® messages are read on average 50% to as much as 70% of the time. Let that sink in!

500 to as much as 700 people out of a 1000 delivered messages are read by the prospects you want to be in front of.

That's a cost of 50 cents or less per prospect!


 JAC Consulting delivers direct targeted messages to the prospects you want to be in front of.

Our product is offered to you by a firm with the long term vision to transform the way you sell,

advertise, market yourself & or your business with LinkedIn®.

​​Let's Look Under The Hood

Features & Options

~There are over 830 million professionals on LinkedIn®​

~ LinkedIn®​ messages are read on average 50 % to 70% of the time

Create a never ending stream of quality prospects!

With JAC's LinkedIn® Messages service, your business has the ability to reach as far as you could dream of... getting in front of any type of prospect you want ... anywhere in the world you want.


Delivered messages show up at the top of message section of a profile. It looks different also. There is an option for the person to connect if they choose and they see your message and they simply decide to accept it or decline it. No negative issues of any kind!

Following The Rules 

There are no automated anything used in our service!!!

 Everything is done by LIVE people.


JAC's Linked Messaging


$250 for 1000 Messages

Just a 3 month commitment.

~No set up fees~

JAC will send 1000 individual Inmail messages based on whatever criteria you want. 

Options include: keywords, title, seniority level, years in position, years at current company, years of experience, company headcount, industries and geography… and so on. Also globally in over 200 countries.

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