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Reach More Business Professionals, Sell More Business Professionals

"Optimize your sales strategy & secure deals swiftly with our hand-picked, authenticated contact emails for a vibrant market of potential clients."

Email marketing has long been a cornerstone of digital marketing strategies & for good reason. Here's a comprehensive overview of the value of email marketing JAC delivers.

Direct Communication with Target Audience

Personal Touch: Emails allow businesses to directly reach individuals, unlike social media which broadcasts to a wider audience.

Highly Segmented: Based on purchasing history, location, or other criteria, emails can be tailored to specific user segments.


High ROI: For every dollar spent on email marketing, businesses can expect an average return of $42, according to the Direct Marketing Association.

No Ad Spend: Unlike paid ads, there's no need to spend extra on ad placements. The primary costs are associated with list management and email platform services.


Using email marketing platforms, businesses can track:

Open Rates: How many recipients opened the email.

Click-through Rates (CTR): How many clicked a link within the email.

Conversion Rates: How many completed a desired action

(e.g., made a purchase, signed up for a webinar).

Bounce Rates: How many emails didn't reach their intended recipient.

Flexible and Versatile

Diverse Content: Send newsletters, promotions, event invites, feedback surveys, etc.

Visual and Interactive: Emails can include images, GIFs, videos, and interactive elements.

Building and Maintaining Relationships

Regular Touchpoints: Allows businesses to frequently remind customers of their value proposition.

Personalization: Tailored content based on recipient's behavior and preferences enhances user engagement.

Increased Sales

Promotions: Flash sales, discount codes, and special offers can be communicated directly.

Upselling and Cross-Selling: Recommending additional products based on previous purchases.

Mobile Accessibility

With the proliferation of smartphones, people check their emails multiple times a day, making it an effective channel to reach users on mobile.

Content Sharing

Sharing blogs, industry news, or updates helps position a business as an industry thought leader.


Unlike social media trends which can change rapidly, email remains a consistent and reliable communication method.

Control Over Your Audience

Unlike social media platforms where algorithms dictate content reach, in email marketing, you own your list. This ensures that your content reaches its intended audience without third-party interventions.

Enhances Other Marketing Strategies

Email marketing can complement and amplify other marketing efforts, be it content marketing, social media promotions, or pay-per-click campaigns.

Automation Opportunities

Automated email sequences, such as welcome series or cart abandonment reminders, can be set up to move prospects through the sales funnel without constant manual intervention.

Email marketing continues to offer a reliable, cost-effective, and versatile means of building and maintaining customer relationships. By integrating email marketing strategies with other digital marketing efforts, businesses can cultivate a loyal customer base and drive sales in a measurable way.

JAC Consulting excels in providing emails precisely tailored to meet your specific needs. Share your criteria with us — be it target location, job title, industry, company size, tenure in the current role, length of employment at their current company, or many other parameters — and we will fine-tune our approach to match exactly what you're looking for.

Our Database is over 900 Million business professionals

Spanning over 200 countries

A list of our current industries :

If you don't see what you want let us know.

Medical Practices

Medical Equipment

Motor Vehicle Parts

Medical & Diagnostic Labs


Mobile Computer Software

Movies, Videos & Sound Industries


Motor Vehicle Manufacturing

Machinery Manufacturing

Meat Products Services

Metal Treatments

Metal Valve, Ball , Roller Services

Mobile Gaming

Natural Gas Extraction

Nursing Homes & Residential Care

Newspaper Publishing

Non-Profit Organizations

Nanotechnology Research

Nuclear Electric Power

Natural Gas

Nonresidential Building Construction

Nonmetallic Mineral Mining


Out Patient Care Centers

Oil Extraction

Oil, Gas & Mining

Office Furniture & Fixture

Online Audio & Visual

Outsourcing & Offshore Consulting

Operations Consulting

Online & Mail Order Retail

Office Administration

Physical, Occupational & Speech

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Personal Care Products

Performing Arts

Paper & Forestry Products

Primary & Secondary Education

Public Safety


Public policy Offices

Printing Services

Packaging & Containers

Paint, Coating & Adhesives

Personal & Laundry Services

Personal care Services

Pet Services

Periodical Publishing

Pension Funds

Physical, Occupational & Speech Therapists

Political Organizations

Postal Services

Pipeline Services

Public Relations Offices

Public Assistance Programs

Philanthropic Fundraising Services



Plastic & Rubber Manufacturing

Retail Apparel & Fashion

Retail Groceries



Recreational Facilities

Real Estate

Railroad Services


Rail Transportation

Radio & Television Broadcasting

Research Services

Religious Institutions

Retail & Musical

Residential Building Construction

Robot manufacturing

Robotics Engineering

Software Development

Semiconductor Manufacturing

Space Research & Technology

Sporting Goods

Spectator Sports

Social Networking Platforms

Ship Building

Services for Elderly

Sports teams & Clubs

Strategic Management Services

Satellite Telecommunications

Savings Institutions

Security & Investigations

Services for Renewable Energy

Seafood Manufacturing

Securities & Commodities

Security Guards & Patrol

Security Systems Services

Secretarial Schools

Surveying & Mapping

Subdivision of Land

Sugar & Confectionery

Software Development

Solar Electric Power

Sound recording

Soap & Cleaning

Shuttles & Special Needs

Sheet Music Publishing

Staffing & Recruiting

Transportation Equipment

Technology, Information & Internet


Transportation Programs

Tobacco Manufacturing


Textile manufacturing

Theater Companies

Truck Transportation

Translation & Localization

Taxi & Limousine Services

Transportation Programs

Temporary Help Services

Telephone Call Centers

Think Tanks

Utilities Administration


Utility System Construction

Urban Transit Systems

veterinary Services

Vocational Rehab Services

Venture Capitol & Private Equity Principals

Vehicle Repair & Maintenance

Warehouse & Storage

Wholesale Building Materials

Writing & Editing

Wholesale Motor Vehicles Parts

Wholesale Furniture & home Furnishings

Wireless Services

Wellness & Fitness Services

Waste Collection Waste Treatment

Wholesale Luxury & Goods

Wind Power


Wholesale Apparel

Women's Services

Wood Products Manufacturing


Wholesale Import & Export

Wholesale Appliances

Zoo's & Botanical Sites

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