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Frequently Asked Questions

Why LinkedIn® Marketing?

LinkedIn® has the broadest reach of any social media program on the planet. Whomever you want to be in front of is there. From individual sales or employees to CEO & captains of industry. If you want to get your business in front of the right prospect they can all be found on LinkedIn®.

Will LinkedIn® Marketing with JAC affect anything else I am doing in LinkedIn®?

Only to the extent of inviting. The weekly limit is 100 invites and you would need to not be doing any extensive additional inviting. If you are sending messages or posting etc you will have no effect on anything else you do. We do Advise though your profile needs to be a real person. Especially now after LinkedIn® was hacked a few years ago, they are trying to protect users. Because of the increased LinkedIn® presence you may be asked to verify your account with your driver's license or passport. Also if you use any automated programs for messages and invites we advise to discontinue and remove those apps. JAC uses no automated programs!


Do I need to have an upgraded profile with Premium or Sales Navigator to do LinkedIn® Marketing?

NO! A regular free LinkedIn® account is all we need. Sales Navigator allows you a deeper dive into targeting but it is not required.

How big is the audience that is available for me to connect to?

There are over 860 million professionals on LinkedIn®. LinkedIn® database is solid since each person creates their own profile & fills out the details.

How does JAC's inviting differ from other companies? 

We have never found another company that does the inviting for our clients with real people. There are a lot of companies that offer automated programs but you run the risk of having your profile shut off if you are caught. Last year LinkedIn® deleted over 20,000 profiles for repeated use of automated software programs for LinkedIn® use. We always use a VPN as well to protect you.


What do I need to get started?

It’s simple!  Fill out our onboarding form & we can get you inviting in a few days. We will send you an email to put in your profile. This is how we log into your profile for the weekly work. This has 2 reasons. The first is your profiles protection, since we do not use your primary email we can not delete or otherwise do harm to your profile. The second reason from time to time LinkedIn® will send security spikes & since we login with our email we can answer the code and keep working.


How many connections can I expect?

We can invite up to 100 professionals per week. You can expect low end 10 to 15 to as high as 30 or more new connections every week! 


How can I target who I want?

With a free LinkedIn® profile we can target for you from LinkedIn® industries, locations, titles, colleges & key words. If you have Sales Navigator you can actually create the exact lists you want us to target from.

What about follow-up?

JAC will help you to understand what we call the Message flow to have a clear path to turn your new connections into appointments. We have message templates you may use & tweak as you like. JAC will also give you advise on profile optimization & other techniques to make full use of your current & new connections at no extra cost.


How often can I do a LinkedIn® invite marketing?

LinkedIn® allows just 100 invites to connect per week. 


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